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The only people I’
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Having grown up in rural eastern Ontario, I have a theory as to why nearly everyone who lives in the boondocks listens to country music—it’s all there is on the radio. My high school friends who professed to hate country? As soon as they started driving, they became country fans.

Now, my dad chauffeured me around a lot when I was a kid, and of the three radio stations we could pick up in his truck,201605/04/16 @ 2, two were country. When my sister was in the truck,香港6合宝典资料134, too, she’d take over the radio and we’d listen to the Backstreet Boys, but when it was just Dad and me, we’d listen to Garth Brooks, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, and the list goes on. When I feel a bit homesick or I miss Dad Dragon, all I have to do is turn on some country and, in my mind, I’m sitting in the truck with him.

So, when I asked him to pick a song for us to dance to, I had a sneaking suspicion it would be a country tune. I had always intended to get him to pick it because he certainly has his opinions on music, he is big on the music/memory connection, and, honestly, I’d have no idea where to start!

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His first thought was “I Loved Her First,” which I expected, but we both agree that at this point that we’ve heard it at a few too many weddings for it to feel special.

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Then he thought about “Tough Little Boys,” but according to him it didn’t seem like the right one because he doesn’t have a house with “my room”? in it anymore.

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“It Won’t Be Like This for Long” was one of Dad Dragon’s top contenders, too, along with the classic “Butterfly Kisses,” but he ultimately chose a Faith Hill/Jeff Carson mashup of “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Butterfly Kisses.”

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It’s a little bit sentimental, but I kind of think that’s a hallmark of country music. Besides, Dad Dragon put in a lot of thought and effort in picking his favourite songs, so I know the words are a good fit.

My favourite part of the song, which is so true of me and my father (and will hopefully make me laugh a bit through the tears I’m sure I’ll be fighting), is:

Now he hugs me when he sees me
We talk about the past
He tries to give me money
And I try and give it back

So, that’s one of the “special”? dances sorted out.

Mr. Dragon and I have talked a bit about our own first dance but haven’t settled on anything, I’m leaving the mom-son selection up to Mr. Dragon and FMIL Dragon, and I’m still trying to sort out my feelings on the wedding-party dance—the girls and the guys are basically strangers, several of them are married or otherwise partnered up already, and I suspect the majority of them will be feeling tipsy post-dinner, so I can see it being awkward. I always find bridal-party dances awkward, honestly, and I’ve seen a lot of drunk groomsmen spilling drinks on bridesmaids!

The only people I’ve asked about this are Mr. Dragon, who purportedly doesn’t care either way, and FSIL Ashley, who thinks it’s a great idea because FBIL Jesse will be mandated to dance at least one time with her, and FBIL Jesse, who thinks drunk groomsmen dancing with strangers would be hilarious. I’m happy to hear any opinions on wedding-party dances from you, hive!

How did you select your special dance songs?

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